We Wanted to Move to a New Place Where Our Old Neighbors Could Live Too

Our landlord of the duplex we were living in decided he wanted to convert the house to a single-family dwelling. We had to move out as did our neighbor next to us. We had gotten used to living in the neighborhood, and we even settled for the annual increases in our rent at the duplex just to stay in the same school district and close to our neighbor’s next door who are our friends. My wife looked at an apartment finder for Dallas to see if there was a place we all could move to in order to not be separated and still be in the same school district.

My wife and my neighbor’s wife both settled on a nice place that had two available apartments that were right next to one another. This would be an upgrade to our living as the place has a fitness center and swimming pools. The kids got real excited about finally having a big pool to swim in instead of the temporary one we had in our backyard. The apartments also have a playground, so our kids and our neighbor’s kids are covered for all they want. We liked the fact that we could finally afford a three bedroom place that had big closets and ceiling fans.

The apartment is so clean and new looking. The appliances are already there in the kitchen, so we do not have to buy anything. We got an apartment with washer and dryer hookups to finally not need to go to the laundromat anymore. This is a huge thing for us as my wife and I along with the kids had a wash day that took hours. We bought a new washer and dryer the first week of living in our new apartment. Our neighbors got moved in after we did, and we are all back together with our families in the same building.