We Should Have Moved to West Palm Beach Years Ago

Our goal for years was to move south. Endless warm weather was always on my mind. I would dread seeing the leaves begin to turn living up north. Sure, the beautiful colors are a sight to behold, but the cold it portends would get me down. My wife did not want to spend another winter there either, so she looked for luxury apartments in West Palm Beach FL. I saw the page open on the browser of her her computer, and I asked here how she expected us to be able to move to such a place.

She explained in detail how we could actually move fast. She told me how we could be in our new apartment in West Palm Beach in less than a month. The first thing on our side was that our lease was up for renewal, so we could leave without any penalties. Plus, we both are on a permanent telecommuting contract with the company we work for since their physical offices have moved out of our area. We work jobs from home, and we can keep working as long as we have fast Wi-Fi.

She showed me that Jefferson Palm Beach apartments would also accept our two dogs, and that the open floor plan of the apartment would be much nicer than where we lived. She also told me they accept a shorter term lease of 7 months. If we did not like it, we could move somewhere else in just a few short months. Well, we did not need to get a short term lease once we saw the place. We signed for an entire year the same day. We spent a couple of weeks moving, and now we are settled in a place that we really enjoy. We should have moved here years ago.