The Only Thing That Would Make This Apartment in North San Antonio Better Would Be to Have Two Bathtubs

When we were looking at a bunch of different apartments to move to, I think it was the crown molding in the apartments in North San Antonio that caught my attention first. I mean, if you are going to go the extra mile to put in crown moldings in an apartment, then there had to be other special amenities we would like too. We saw the inside of the apartment before we saw much of the grounds and what else was available. The fact that they have garages to park your car in is great. That was one thing I did not like about our choice to move into another apartment and not buy a home.

We weighed the costs of time and money for buying a house or staying in an apartment. Regardless of any investment potential of owning a house, you still have to consider the cost of upkeep, and that includes your time investment. We both have careers and they sometime take up long hours. I was not too keen on mowing the lawn on the weekends, and my wife was not wanting to be painting and doing other such chores while trying to hold down her job at the hospital. For right now in our life, we needed a nice apartment that we could retreat to and enjoy at the end of each working day.

The nice touches also include ceiling fans, oversized closets and a really nice swimming pool. The view is very nice as well. We decided to go ahead and sign the lease for a year at The Regency Apartments in North San Antonio. We have been enjoying the pool, fitness center, and the grounds as well as the nice big garden tub in our apartment. That is great to be able to soak in warm water at the end of the day. My wife and I both compete to be the first one in. She likes the water scalding hot, and I just like it warm.