The Forum is Simply Gorgeous!

I saw an ad for a new movie that said to click here for more details, and it looked interesting enough that I did just that. It turned out to be something that I would never watch, but I am still really glad that I clicked on it. That led me to another ad for a local apartment complex, and I clicked on that because the picture that was on the ad was really nice. I had been living in another apartment in the same area, and I was due to renew my lease within a couple of months.

I figured it would not hurt anything to take a look at the competition, but what I saw was that there really was no competition because this other apartment complex was clearly the winner between the two. I had always been okay with the apartment that I had been living in, but there was just something about that picture that really piqued my interest. I was happy to see that there were dozens of pictures on the website that I was able to look at, and I knew that I was going to put in my application to live there.

That is how powerful a picture can be! All it took was one really great picture to make me look at the rest, which featured amenities like the swimming pool and fitness center as well as the interiors of the apartments. I could see how spacious the rooms were because of the furniture and decor that was already in them. I waited about six weeks before putting in my application since I still had to wait out my own lease, but I was accepted and made plans to move the week before my lease did expire. I am so much happier here at The Forum!