The Best Apartment in Nevada

I took my time when I decided to look at apartments in Henderson Nevada. I knew that I just needed a one bedroom unit, but I wanted to make sure that I picked out the one that was best for me. That meant finding the complex that I felt was the best match first, and then looking at the different layouts of the one bedroom apartments. There are a lot of different apartment complexes close to where I work, but there was only one that really stood out to me, which is The Edge.

I looked at the neighborhoods first of the different complexes, and then I looked at the community amenities. I definitely wanted to live where all I had to do was step out my door and be able to either go swimming or get a nice workout in a fitness center. I wanted to give up my gym membership because I didn’t like traveling just to swim or do my cardio workout. I also wanted a place that had social activities, and The Edge filled both of those needs. They have not just one pool, but two. The second one is heated, which is really nice!

Since I knew that I would like living there, I looked at the apartments next. There were three different ones that have one bedroom and one bath each. I really did like all three, so I just went with the one that was the cheapest. Even with that, it is really nice! I was able to schedule a tour right there on their website, and I am happy that I did. Seeing everything on a website versus seeing it in person is so different. Everything looked great on paper, but seeing it with my own eyes made me really want to live there.