Silver Spring MD is Just Far Enough from DC That I Feel Comfortable Living There

I never thought in a million years that I would have a job on the Beltway. I never wanted to be anywhere near all the traffic having to do a daily commute that would likely make me insane. I like country drives on roads that have few other cars and wide open spaces. If it was not for our apartment in Silver Spring MD, I could not keep this job. Some people like the hustle and bustle of cities. I like the quiet. I do not have the rolling farmland hills of where I am from, but we do have the quiet. Our apartment is nice, and we have nice neighbors. What makes them really nice to me is how quiet they are.

When I get home, I like to hear my wife’s voice and our dog snoring. I do not want to hear another car horn, siren or engine running. My wife does not mind the traffic or how busy things can be in DC. She said she prefers the country, but she can tolerate the city a whole lot better than I can. We go fishing and boating to unwind in the summer. Well, I am the one unwinding. Her and the dog are just enjoying the sunshine. In the winter we like to curl up with some hot chocolate and popcorn and watch a movie. I will even watch a chick flick here and there just to keep it fair.

I do not know if I can stick it out working in DC for another 15 year until I can retire, so we are spending our money wisely. We have a nice apartment in Silver Spring MD, and we are saving money living here as compared to living closer to where I work. Even though I am not that far away as far as miles are concerned, I measure the commute in minutes. We are less than seven miles from DC, but that does not mean you can be there in seven minutes. Still, it is better than LA!