Nice Nashville TN Apartments That Take Dogs and Has Stained Concrete Flooring

My wife and I have two dogs, and we wanted to move into an apartment instead of renting a house when we moved to Tennessee for work. We found some really nice Nashville TN apartments to rent. Buying a house was out of the question for us at the moment. Plus, maintaining a lawn and all the other things when renting a house was not possible right now either. At least our pups would only be alone four hours a day with our work schedules. They are best friends and entertain each other, so it would be okay for them to go about six hours or so before needing to go out.

We were keeping our little family intact regardless of the change in our work and where we would live. We were happy to find a place that let us keep our two dogs. Plus, they did not have a weight limit on the dogs. Ours are 60 and 50 pounds. They do have some breed restrictions, but it did not apply to ours. The apartment we live in is very nice. It has stainless steel appliances and very nice floors throughout. We like the granite countertops in the kitchen and the bathroom. There is a big swimming pool outside, a 24-hour business center and a nice fitness center.

Our pups really like the dog park. The apartment management calls it a Bark Park. Another plus is that this is a gated community. I like the privacy and security. Oh, I almost forgot, the swimming pool is a saltwater pool. I prefer those. Plus, it has a sun shelf. Very nice indeed! The flooring in the apartment is unique. You have to see it to appreciate it. It is stained concrete flooring. It is very smooth, shiny and looks really good. It is one of the newest trends in durable flooring that has a really appealing look to it.