Moving into My First Apartment

I have lived with my folks all of my life. Even when I went to college, I stayed home rather than go to a college far away. It is not that I was afraid to venture out into the world, but it just made no sense to do that before I was ready. I am now equipped with an excellent education and a wonderful job, and I have saved up a decent amount in the bank. I knew that it was time to start looking at South Tampa apartments, mainly so I could be closer to where I work.

Living with my folks was nice, but it also meant that I had a long drive to and from work every day. It was no big deal if I decided to stay in town for a show or to hang out with friends, but it still meant that I had to drive home at the end of the evening. I just wanted to look at some apartments at first to see if I found any that I like. It did not take long for me to not only find one I really wanted, but I also put my application for it after researching the area that it is in.

I drive just a few blocks away from it on my way to work, but I still didn’t know the area that well. I was relieved when I saw that it is in a very good area of town. the layout of the apartments is really nice too. I ended up leasing a one bedroom with a huge balcony, and I was moved in within two weeks of submitting my application. It is such an amazing feeling to be home from work within ten minutes of quitting time. It is also an amazing feeling to still go home on the weekends to spend time with my folks too!