I Stuck Around in Boston After Graduating College

When I was going to school in Massachusetts, I never thought I would end up living here year round. Before I graduated I was offered a job. It pays well, but my first priority was repaying my student loans. However, my second priority was to have a nice place to live close to the beach I liked in the Revere area. I searched for apartments for rent in Boston area, and I thought the cost would be more than I was willing to budget, especially being close to the beach. I found a really nice studio apartment in a luxury living building in Revere.

I leased the smallest one they had, as it was more than good enough for me. The amenities of the location are really nice. It is a smoke-free location, and they have a really nice swimming pool and fitness center. They also have work spaces for residents for when I telecommute and want to get out of my apartment for a while. I like my studio apartment, but I met a girl who I am going to ask to marry me. She likes my place, and we have been looking at two and three bedroom apartments here. We want to have a family, so we will need the space. Plus, I am now best friends with her dog, and this is a pet-friendly place. They have a dog park and a grooming room.

We have been enjoying every summer day here in the Boston area where we have access to a beach that used to be called the “Disneyland” of its day. It was hugely popular back in the late 1800s, and we really like it today. Combining beach access with luxury apartment living, my bride-to-be and a new pal, I would say things are going great.