I Just Got to Georgia

In fact you probably read about things the day I came down here. Some homeless person set a fire beneath an overpass and it eventually brought it down on top of Interstate 85. The traffic in the Atlanta area is notoriously bad and I ended up stuck in traffic for a very long time. Eventually I got off of the highway and found the place where I leased an apartment, you can click here if you are interested in learning more about it. However it was too late for me to start working on getting my stuff out of the U haul trailer. So I just laid down on the floor of my new apartment and got some sleep. The next day I got started on the task. There were some teenage boys hanging around and so I got one of them to help me with the heavy stuff. I offered him ten dollars, but he started to ask for twenty instead. As soon as he did one of the other boys offered to do it for ten. It was pretty obviously only going to take about twenty minutes.

When we got the stuff up the stairs and put it where I wanted it these guys tried to get me to pay them in beer. Of course I did not do that, I gave them the ten dollars and told them to buy a fake I.D. I do not intend to do that for no reason or any reason. At any rate one of them had a single mother who introduced herself and invited me over for lunch. That was pretty obviously more than lunch, which I did not think my girlfriend would be happy with. I just found a polite way to say no and went on with the moving.