I Got a Really Good Job

I was really surprised that I got this job, but they are really intent on hiring coders and I have some skill.at that. They gave me a test rather than a real interview. The guy simply told me to give him a module and I sat down on his computer and wrote a little block of code for him. It was something they needed perhaps and the sort of work they will be doing every day. I did it well enough and now I am looking at Arlington MA apartment rentals. I was not even living in this immediate area, in fact I have been living very close to the New Hampshire state line and that is a long train ride to be taking each and every work day morning. Instead I am hoping to find something which is a short bus ride to the office. In fact they told me that it would probably be years before I got a parking space, so there is not too much sense in driving my car here in the morning. In fact I would have to either pay for parking or spend half of my life looking for it.

The job itself is pretty interesting, although the truth is that if they are successful it would probably take a whole lot of people out of the job and I do not know what to think about that really. It is the thing that really makes the spiel Donald Trump used to get elected entirely idiotic. People think that they can bring their jobs back from China or Mexico, but the truth is that most of those jobs were not ever sent overseas. Instead they were lost to automation and other things that made it possible for one man to do the work of two.