Getting Ready to Start at Towson University

I am going to starting classes in a couple of days, so in the meanwhile I am trying to get my personal problems sorted out. The first thing is going to be looking at whether or not I can find affordable apartments in Towson. The obvious thing to do is to find a roommate, but you have to find one that can be relied upon. I am thinking that this is the only way that things will work out so that I can really focus on getting the grades that I am going to need if I am going to get into law school in a couple of years. Of course when you share a place that comes with it’s own set of problems, but you are going to end up paying only about three fifths as much as it would cost to get a place on your own. That is pretty much what I need it to be in order to keep my focus on school instead of on earning money.

In fact the best thing it seems is to find a big house for rent, one where four or five people can stay without sleeping on top of one another. I was doing that for awhile and the financial part of it was really awesome. It was a lot less costly than it would have been to have a place on your own, but obviously the down side is that you are sharing a place with three other guys and those guys are never going to be perfect. In this case two of the guys developed a really nasty feud over something petty and the situation became intolerable after a bit. So I just packed up and went some place else once that was a practical option for me.