The Only Thing That Would Make This Apartment in North San Antonio Better Would Be to Have Two Bathtubs

When we were looking at a bunch of different apartments to move to, I think it was the crown molding in the apartments in North San Antonio that caught my attention first. I mean, if you are going to go the extra mile to put in crown moldings in an apartment, then there had to be other special amenities we would like too. We saw the inside of the apartment before we saw much of the grounds and what else was available. The fact that they have garages to park your car in is great. That was one thing I did not like about our choice to move into another apartment and not buy a home.

We weighed the costs of time and money for buying a house or staying in an apartment. (more…)

We Wanted to Move to a New Place Where Our Old Neighbors Could Live Too

Our landlord of the duplex we were living in decided he wanted to convert the house to a single-family dwelling. We had to move out as did our neighbor next to us. We had gotten used to living in the neighborhood, and we even settled for the annual increases in our rent at the duplex just to stay in the same school district and close to our neighbor’s next door who are our friends. My wife looked at an apartment finder for Dallas to see if there was a place we all could move to in order to not be separated and still be in the same school district. (more…)

Getting Ready to Start at Towson University

I am going to starting classes in a couple of days, so in the meanwhile I am trying to get my personal problems sorted out. The first thing is going to be looking at whether or not I can find affordable apartments in Towson. The obvious thing to do is to find a roommate, but you have to find one that can be relied upon. I am thinking that this is the only way that things will work out so that I can really focus on getting the grades that I am going to need if I am going to get into law school in a couple of years. (more…)