A Perfect Fit for the Two of Us

I can be very particular on certain things. One of those was finding the right apartment for my family when I had to move last year. It is just my 15 year old daughter and myself, and I wanted both of us to have the privacy that we deserve. That is why I was very careful when I started looking at apartments for rent in Arlington MA. I knew I wanted a two bedroom unit, but I also wanted two bathrooms so we could each have our very own. That was just the first thing I wanted in a very long list though.

The surprising thing is that I was able to find everything I wanted at the Arlington 360 apartments. The most important consideration for me was the school district. Education is very important to not only me but my daughter as well. She excels in most academic settings, and I did not want her to have to settle. Even before looking at layouts of apartments, I looked at the school district in the different neighborhoods we were looking at. That is how we decided to focus on finding the right apartment in Arlington. The schools here are second to none, and I knew she would thrive there.

Once that was settled, we still had a long list to go through, and this apartment met every requirement that we both had. We both have our privacy, and we also have a large living room and a separate dining room for the times we are sharing a meal, entertaining guests, or just sitting quietly and talking with just us there. I really liked everything about this apartment, and my daughter did too. That was not too surprising though because we do have very similar tastes. This apartment is just right for our small family, which does include her two cats.