A New Job Means a New Home

When I was offered a job promotion, I knew that it would mean moving my family. The good thing is that it would not happen right away because I would need to be trained first before being transferred to District 9 to run one of the manufacturing plants that will be opening up. I will be the overseer of the entire plant, so it was hard to turn down. I looked at different condos in District 9, which is how I found out about New Futura in Singapore. It is almost like this is meant to be, because that is not ready to be moved into either.

When I showed my wife the website of the developer that had all of the details on it, she fell in love with it right away. Neither one of us know a lot about the area, so we took our time looking at different condo developments. We kept coming back to New Futura though. It has everything we could ever want, and it is also really close to where my office will be. My wife does not have to work, so she takes care of our two children.

She looked into the various schools that serve this area, and she told me that she definitely wanted us there. Between the good reviews on the schools, the great location, and the actual features of the new condos there, it was just almost too good to be true. Like I said, it seemed to be the perfect fit for us. I am now learning all about my new job duties, and my wife is taking care of making the appointments and filling out the paperwork to ensure that we get one of the three bedroom condos that will be available very soon for us to live in.