We Should Have Moved to West Palm Beach Years Ago

Our goal for years was to move south. Endless warm weather was always on my mind. I would dread seeing the leaves begin to turn living up north. Sure, the beautiful colors are a sight to behold, but the cold it portends would get me down. My wife did not want to spend another winter there either, so she looked for luxury apartments in West Palm Beach FL. I saw the page open on the browser of her her computer, and I asked here how she expected us to be able to move to such a place.

She explained in detail how we could actually move fast. She told me how we could be in our new apartment in West Palm Beach in less than a month. (more…)

Wanting to Start My Own Business As a Certified Property Manager

There are a lot of rental properties around where I live. Plus, a lot of the landlords do not live anywhere close by. Some landlords own several homes in my area, and I was wanting to have a certified property manager certification to have my own business of managing rental properties for different landlords. I figured that if I did a good job for an affordable price, I could convince them to let me manage the things landlords typically have to do. I had a plan to provide the service to many landlords. That way I could make it affordable and even attractive to them while making up for any discounts by doing the work in quantity. (more…)

Moving into My First Apartment

I have lived with my folks all of my life. Even when I went to college, I stayed home rather than go to a college far away. It is not that I was afraid to venture out into the world, but it just made no sense to do that before I was ready. I am now equipped with an excellent education and a wonderful job, and I have saved up a decent amount in the bank. I knew that it was time to start looking at South Tampa apartments, mainly so I could be closer to where I work.

Living with my folks was nice, but it also meant that I had a long drive to and from work every day. (more…)