I Just Got to Georgia

In fact you probably read about things the day I came down here. Some homeless person set a fire beneath an overpass and it eventually brought it down on top of Interstate 85. The traffic in the Atlanta area is notoriously bad and I ended up stuck in traffic for a very long time. Eventually I got off of the highway and found the place where I leased an apartment, you can click here if you are interested in learning more about it. However it was too late for me to start working on getting my stuff out of the U haul trailer. So I just laid down on the floor of my new apartment and got some sleep. The next day I got started on the task. There were some teenage boys hanging around and so I got one of them to help me with the heavy stuff. I offered him ten dollars, but he started to ask for twenty instead. As soon as he did one of the other boys offered to do it for ten. It was pretty obviously only going to take about twenty minutes. (more…)

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The Ashford Retreat is the Place in Marietta, Georgia to Call Home!

The Ashford Retreat Apartment Homes community is an amenity rich residential neighborhood in the vibrant town of Marietta, Georgia. Each of the extremely spacious one and two bedroom floor plans offers affordable lease opportunities with plenty of extra perks! From chef inspired kitchens to an abundance of extra room in your oversized living room and your choice of a patio or private deck! Did we mention the large, oversized closets that are standard in every floor plan?

For the exercise minded resident the Ashform Retreat is proud to offer one of the finest fitness facilities in the area. The open fitness center layout offers a wide variety of weights in addition to cutting edge treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines. (more…)

We Wanted to Move to a New Place Where Our Old Neighbors Could Live Too

Our landlord of the duplex we were living in decided he wanted to convert the house to a single-family dwelling. We had to move out as did our neighbor next to us. We had gotten used to living in the neighborhood, and we even settled for the annual increases in our rent at the duplex just to stay in the same school district and close to our neighbor’s next door who are our friends. My wife looked at an apartment finder for Dallas to see if there was a place we all could move to in order to not be separated and still be in the same school district. (more…)

Getting Ready to Start at Towson University

I am going to starting classes in a couple of days, so in the meanwhile I am trying to get my personal problems sorted out. The first thing is going to be looking at whether or not I can find affordable apartments in Towson. The obvious thing to do is to find a roommate, but you have to find one that can be relied upon. I am thinking that this is the only way that things will work out so that I can really focus on getting the grades that I am going to need if I am going to get into law school in a couple of years. (more…)

Best Apartment Prices in New Haven Area

Before too long, I will be looking for a new apartment, or well actually, I am going to start looking for a new apartment right now, because it seems like a good idea for me to go ahead and start the search, so I have as much time as possible to make sure that I like my next apartment, and that I am able to get one for a good price. I am looking into New Haven CT apartments and actually, the latter consideration that I mentioned is probably the most important to me. I do not want to spend too much money on my next apartment, because I want to try to save up money over the next few years.

I want to save up some money, because eventually, I would like to be in a position to be able to buy a house. (more…)

A Perfect Fit for the Two of Us

I can be very particular on certain things. One of those was finding the right apartment for my family when I had to move last year. It is just my 15 year old daughter and myself, and I wanted both of us to have the privacy that we deserve. That is why I was very careful when I started looking at apartments for rent in Arlington MA. I knew I wanted a two bedroom unit, but I also wanted two bathrooms so we could each have our very own. That was just the first thing I wanted in a very long list though.

The surprising thing is that I was able to find everything I wanted at the Arlington 360 apartments. The most important consideration for me was the school district. Education is very important to not only me but my daughter as well. She excels in most academic settings, and I did not want her to have to settle. Even before looking at layouts of apartments, I looked at the school district in the different neighborhoods we were looking at. That is how we decided to focus on finding the right apartment in Arlington. (more…)

I Stuck Around in Boston After Graduating College

When I was going to school in Massachusetts, I never thought I would end up living here year round. Before I graduated I was offered a job. It pays well, but my first priority was repaying my student loans. However, my second priority was to have a nice place to live close to the beach I liked in the Revere area. I searched for apartments for rent in Boston area, and I thought the cost would be more than I was willing to budget, especially being close to the beach. I found a really nice studio apartment in a luxury living building in Revere.

I leased the smallest one they had, as it was more than good enough for me. The amenities of the location are really nice. It is a smoke-free location, and they have a really nice swimming pool and fitness center. They also have work spaces for residents for when I telecommute and want to get out of my apartment for a while. I like my studio apartment, but I met a girl who I am going to ask to marry me. (more…)

I Got a Really Good Job

I was really surprised that I got this job, but they are really intent on hiring coders and I have some skill.at that. They gave me a test rather than a real interview. The guy simply told me to give him a module and I sat down on his computer and wrote a little block of code for him. It was something they needed perhaps and the sort of work they will be doing every day. I did it well enough and now I am looking at Arlington MA apartment rentals. I was not even living in this immediate area, in fact I have been living very close to the New Hampshire state line and that is a long train ride to be taking each and every work day morning. Instead I am hoping to find something which is a short bus ride to the office. In fact they told me that it would probably be years before I got a parking space, so there is not too much sense in driving my car here in the morning. In fact I would have to either pay for parking or spend half of my life looking for it. (more…)

We Should Have Moved to West Palm Beach Years Ago

Our goal for years was to move south. Endless warm weather was always on my mind. I would dread seeing the leaves begin to turn living up north. Sure, the beautiful colors are a sight to behold, but the cold it portends would get me down. My wife did not want to spend another winter there either, so she looked for luxury apartments in West Palm Beach FL. I saw the page open on the browser of her her computer, and I asked here how she expected us to be able to move to such a place.

She explained in detail how we could actually move fast. She told me how we could be in our new apartment in West Palm Beach in less than a month. (more…)

Wanting to Start My Own Business As a Certified Property Manager

There are a lot of rental properties around where I live. Plus, a lot of the landlords do not live anywhere close by. Some landlords own several homes in my area, and I was wanting to have a certified property manager certification to have my own business of managing rental properties for different landlords. I figured that if I did a good job for an affordable price, I could convince them to let me manage the things landlords typically have to do. I had a plan to provide the service to many landlords. That way I could make it affordable and even attractive to them while making up for any discounts by doing the work in quantity. (more…)

Moving into My First Apartment

I have lived with my folks all of my life. Even when I went to college, I stayed home rather than go to a college far away. It is not that I was afraid to venture out into the world, but it just made no sense to do that before I was ready. I am now equipped with an excellent education and a wonderful job, and I have saved up a decent amount in the bank. I knew that it was time to start looking at South Tampa apartments, mainly so I could be closer to where I work.

Living with my folks was nice, but it also meant that I had a long drive to and from work every day. (more…)

Nice Nashville TN Apartments That Take Dogs and Has Stained Concrete Flooring

My wife and I have two dogs, and we wanted to move into an apartment instead of renting a house when we moved to Tennessee for work. We found some really nice Nashville TN apartments to rent. Buying a house was out of the question for us at the moment. Plus, maintaining a lawn and all the other things when renting a house was not possible right now either. At least our pups would only be alone four hours a day with our work schedules. They are best friends and entertain each other, so it would be okay for them to go about six hours or so before needing to go out.

We were keeping our little family intact regardless of the change in our work and where we would live. We were happy to find a place that let us keep our two dogs. Plus, they did not have a weight limit on the dogs. Ours are 60 and 50 pounds. They do have some breed restrictions, but it did not apply to ours. The apartment we live in is very nice. It has stainless steel appliances and very nice floors throughout. (more…)

The Best Apartment in Nevada

I took my time when I decided to look at apartments in Henderson Nevada. I knew that I just needed a one bedroom unit, but I wanted to make sure that I picked out the one that was best for me. That meant finding the complex that I felt was the best match first, and then looking at the different layouts of the one bedroom apartments. There are a lot of different apartment complexes close to where I work, but there was only one that really stood out to me, which is The Edge.

I looked at the neighborhoods first of the different complexes, and then I looked at the community amenities. I definitely wanted to live where all I had to do was step out my door and be able to either go swimming or get a nice workout in a fitness center. I wanted to give up my gym membership because I didn’t like traveling just to swim or do my cardio workout. I also wanted a place that had social activities, and The Edge filled both of those needs. (more…)

The Forum is Simply Gorgeous!

I saw an ad for a new movie that said to click here for more details, and it looked interesting enough that I did just that. It turned out to be something that I would never watch, but I am still really glad that I clicked on it. That led me to another ad for a local apartment complex, and I clicked on that because the picture that was on the ad was really nice. I had been living in another apartment in the same area, and I was due to renew my lease within a couple of months. (more…)